Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

As a damp proofing contractor based in Nottingham, JB Plastering can help you with damp issues within your home.

Damp proofing your home can fix a host of issues, both to the appearance and structure of the building and the health and wellbeing of its residents

Peeling wallpaper and paintwork

A damp, musty smell

Noticeably higher humidity

Dark patches and water stains

Mould and fungal issues

A visible tide mark on the wall

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What Causes Rising Damp?

Rising damp is caused by ground water seeping up through your wall. Most walls are permeable, but minor amounts of water ingress are are usually stopped by a barrier, otherwise called a damp proof course.

If this is missing for some reason or damaged, it can allow moisture to penetrate to the interior of your home.

JB Plastering uses robust membrane based damp proofing, which is a far more effective long term solution than waterproof coatings.

Membrane Damp Proofing Solutions

In most cases, the most cost effective solution for damp proofing is a membrane. Applied directly to the wall, these membranes can be, in a lot of case, fixed directly to the current wall surface.

Using a special type of plug fixing, an air gap between the wall and  membrane lets the wall breathe, and the increased level of ventilation (over time) allows the wall to dry out.

Installation of damp proof coursing is not a requirement when using membranes as a damp proofing solution.

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Plastered Over For A Fine Finish

This can then be plastered over, giving a fine finish that’s suitable for regular decorating. The newly installed membrane also forms a barrier between the old walls and contaminants, ensuring that the final finish to your home isn’t affected.

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